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Talent Management

Urbanhands Talent Management sets the precedence by pioneering the show biz of talent management in South India like none before. With our world full of scintillating stars, we light up all occasions from exotic to commercial and from the fashion world to colleges. We holding an artist management agency, understand the demand of events and the caliber of artists.

We offer a multitude of services in the artist management and content operation space. Whether you need a celebrity to jazz up your launch or an artist to cheer up the evening with a soul- stir performance, we’ve got it filled in as we’re among the most tried-and-true Celebrity Management Companies in India. However, you’ll find our Digital Media and Rights Management division particularly useful, If you’re a content creator. We’ve designed it from the ground up to help musicians, composers, directors, actors, performers to get the most out of their content.

Being one of the most reliable Celebrity Management Agencies, we constantly endeavor to drive the envelope of what’s possible with content and entertainment. So, if you’re confused while choosing between different influencer Management Companies, remember that Urbanhands is the best option you can go for!

What Make Urbanhands Unique!

Right from building the talent and ensuring the most appropriate creatively fulfilling and profitable professional Journey – We at Urbanhands are there at all times riding on our overall experienced & seasoned team.

Urbanhands gives you unparalleled visibility into your influencer’s hiring funnel. We help you connect with more talents in less time. Source the influencers in half the time and double your response rate. With more visibility Urbanhands tracks every influencer and gives you analytics on what’s working.

You get a one-stop solution for all your talent management requirements when you choose us. Based on your industry and business, we can provide you with a tailor-made service that will surely help you highlight your own features.

Glance of Other Services

As a full-scale online marketing company, we provide a plethora of other services that you can choose from. Since the strategies and methods of these different platforms vary, we have dedicated teams for each of these services.

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Expand your business as our experts provide you with the best consultation based on the latest growth strategies.

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